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Benpel Group Ltd are your go-to developers and suppliers for all your construction and commercial needs. We are project delivery consultants who specialise in providing logistical solutions to multiple workstreams. In challenging project environments, we consistently deliver on time and on budget and maintain the highest possible standards of project delivery.

Bespoke Services

As international contractors, independent developers and manufacturers' agents, we act on your behalf to secure the most beneficial rates for the products and services you require, tailoring our service to meet your individual needs. With a keen focus on price AND quality, we keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Superior Results

At Benpel Group Ltd, our team of Nigerian consultants are committed to combining the very best of customer service with the latest technological innovations, offering a seamless cross-continental service that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our ability to prioritise our customers' needs at all times, and work extremely hard to deliver outstanding solutions for all of our customers.

About Benpel Group Ltd

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A tailored service just for you

Benpel Group Ltd comprises of three core companies:

  • Benpel Construction

  • Benpel Logistics, and

  • Benpel Solutions

We are a talented group of experienced contractors, developers, and project specialist who provide astute and skillful personnel to act on your behalf in order to deliver the projects that are of critical importance to your business.


At Benpel Group Ltd, we bring a wealth of commercial and project experience delivered by our professional consultants who have mastered their craft. We pride ourselves on our unswerving 'can-do' attitude and offer superior levels of customer care at all times. Whatever your commercial or project needs, talk to Benpel Group Ltd - we connect the dots and make things happen.

Bespoke project delivery

We understand that today's current economic environment means that doing business profitably can be extremely challenging. Therefore, at Benpel Group Ltd we tailor our project offerings to meet each client's specific commercial goals. Our expertise and influence is far-reaching, and you benefit from our insights, know-how and commercial/financial access every step of the way.

Our Services

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Benpel Construction

As international contractors, Benpel Construction undertake a wide variety of contractual work on behalf of multinational corporations, as well as small to medium sized companies.

Our years of experience allow us to confidently take on the responsibility of managing a wide variety of infrastructure development projects.

From sourcing construction materials and a trusted workforce to seeing your project through to the end, Benpel Construction will work along side you to cater fully to your needs.

Benpel Logistics

We know that even simple projects may often reveal themselves to have a number of unexpected challenges. We pride ourselves on being able to anticipate and react rapidly to the complexities in any given project, great or small. This is what we do best; let us do it for you. Whether you are relocating your offices Or organising a conference Our project managers are trained to see projects through from the beginning to end. Our years of experience puts us one step ahead of the rest, ensuring that your projects run smoothly and efficiently, lightening the weight on your shoulders by saving you both time and money.

Benpel Solutions

Over the years, Benpel Solutions has built very profitable relationships with a number of manufacturers and their respective distribution links, making us your most valuable resource when it comes to the management of your day-to-day office and domestic needs. Whether you require us to buy, supply, install or repair any applications in your commercial or domestic environment, you can count on us. Giving you the time and space to focus on your priorities is, and alway will be, our priority.


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Benpel Group Ltd, 2 Kingsway Court, Kingsway Close, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
NIG Mob: +234 (0) 809 124 7772 | UK Mob: +44 (0)7837 949 243
Web: www.benpelgroup.com | Email: info@benpelsgroup.com

Benpel Group Ltd, 2 Kingsway Court, Kingsway Close, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
NIG Mob: +234 (0) 809 124 7772 | UK Mob: +44 (0)7837 949 243
Web: www.benpelgroup.com | Email: info@benpelsgroup.com

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